Investigations Of My New Sewing Machine!

Yesterday, I had a very exciting day.  My new sewing machine arrived!

I now have a Singer Simple 3223.  It was a reasonably priced sewing machine and so far I get on wonderfully with it.  I didn’t get it because it was pink…really I didn’t!


It has lots of useful features…including speed control, buttonhole making, button sewing, bobbin threading and 23 stitches!  This is a big step up for someone whose used to a little sewing machine which just does a straight stitch!  This is my stitch selection dial.  It combines with the top dial to produce different widths/lengths and everything!

SM2So…I got a new machine…so I decided to make something!  I made a very nice skirt which I’m currently selling on my Etsy store.  Its approximately a UK Size 12 (Waist = 72 cm, Length = 41 cm at shortest point, 60 cm at longest point).  Its made out of 100% cotton fabric with an elastic waistband.  If you like it but want a different size then please get in touch!

WhiteFlowerSkirt WhiteFlowerSkirt2I was going to post some pictures as I was making it, but I got far to into the process of making it and failed to do so!  Maybe next time!