Creating with Clay

Every so often I like to make something in a different way to how I would normally.

Over the last few years, I’ve always wanted an advent ring, one like this which you can buy on Etsy here:

Advent Wreath by Florasense on Etsy.

I decided that I would probably be able to make a nice simple one out of a block of air-drying clay.  It’ll be nowhere near as beautiful as this one, but it would be functional!  I also wanted one with 5 candles instead of just 4.

So I got a block of white clay from Hobbycraft and a set of 4 red dinner candles and 1 gold dinner candle from Tesco.  I plan to use the four red candles around the outside and one gold dinner candle in the centre.  In Christianity, these candles help the Christian undergo the spiritual preparation for the celebration of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.

The basic wreath

Before I go any further, I just want to say that I am not a theologian, nor am I in any way an expect in these matters, I am telling you what I was taught in Sunday School many years ago and what my current exploration into this also tells me.  This something that I was brought up with as a child in school and Sunday school, despite not really understanding it at the time.  I understand it much better now.

With some candles!

The first red candle you light, on the first Sunday of Advent, is the Candle of Hope.  The second red candle, on the second Sunday of Advent, is the Candle of Love.  The third red candle, on the third Sunday of Advent, is the Candle of Joy.  The fourth red candle, on the final Sunday of Advent, is the Candle of Peace.  Finally, on Christmas Day, you light the gold candle in the centre, this is the Christ Candle.  Traditionally, this candle is white to signify the purity of Jesus.

There are plenty of resources on the internet to help you understand this better, but I’m going to leave it there for now.

For now, my clay is still damp and drying, so I’ve left the candles in their plastic wrappers so they don’t get covered in clay.  I intend to simply protect it with a coating of PVA glue (as my Mum taught me to do with clay when I was little!).  I’ll put a few more photos up when its completely dry so you can see!

Its not perfect because I don’t have much experience in working with clay, but I’m perfectly happy with it.


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