Learning To Crochet

I was reading through some blogs this week when I found this post over on Saturday Night Stitch which has 2 really beautiful crocheted blocks.  Add to this some beautiful crocheted flower brooches that I picked up when I went to a dance festival, I decided I simply had to learn to crochet.

I’ve never crocheted before.  So following a recommendation I looked up “VeryPink Knits” and learnt about crocheting.
I then made a little shopping list and went to the nearest haberdashery to see what I could find.

I came back with a set of crochet hooks (I’m expecting to get hooked) and 3 balls of cotton yarn (I liked the feel, and hoped it wouldn’t be too problematic).

I then had a few hours spare to spend somewhere.  So I headed to the library, grabbed a book on crochet, and started to learn the basic stitches.

I then came home and started crocheting a granny square blanket with the pattern in the book from the libary and some help from the patterns on Ravelry!

This is as far as I’ve got so far:

Crochet2I’m very proud of it as I’ve only been crocheting for a single day (and I’m already hooked and want to make more things)!  Its only 15cm on each side at the moment, but I hope it’ll grow to be huge in time for when we move house!



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