Knitting A Present For My Tea Pot

This week’s labour of love has seen me relearning how to knit.

At the end of last week I learnt how to crochet.  I’m still going on the granny square blanket – its now 30cm across!  This week, between crocheting rounds I decided to try and use up some of my yarns.  I’ve been knitting on and off for a few years, I haven’t really had much time to do any for a few years, and then I got a sewing machine so knitting got left behind.

Anyway, I love tea.  So what better project than to knit a tea cosy for the tea pot!  I had this lovely yarn:

Sirdar Click Chunky With Wool (colour code - 178)
Sirdar Click Chunky With Wool (colour code – 178)

I thought it would look great as a tea cosy.  I had a look through the patterns on  (If you haven’t found, its great for knitters and crocheters with loads of free patterns!).  I found this one (The Random Stitch Pattern) by LittleTheorem, and decided that I was going to knit it!  Its a great pattern.  Stitches you need to know (or look up as you go along):

  • Cast on
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Knit two together
  • Knit two together through back loops
  • Purl two together
  • Purl two together through back loops
  • Cast off
  • Seaming

The knitting and purling stitches together is much easier than it sounded (at least to me!).

The pattern this makes looks like this.  I think its lovely!

Stitch Pattern
Stitch Pattern

I made each half and sewed them together.  I thought it looked a little dull; the wool is just all blue.  So some colour needed to be added.  First I made a pompom for the top, and then added some buttons to the sides.  And voila!  My tea cosy is complete and my tea pot can feel loved!


3 thoughts on “Knitting A Present For My Tea Pot

  1. I LOVE making drink cozies but have never seen one for a tea pot before! This is so cute! Also, I am impressed with your knitting skills. I took up knitting prior to learning to sew and did a bunch of scarves but then got side-tracked with sewing and haven’t had a chance to get back into it. I found it very challenging but definitely fun!


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