Wild Yarns

Its been a rather long time since I last blogged on this website, and I’ve had this little nagging feeling going “you should share your latest yarn projects – some of them are really cute”.  So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve made over the last month or so.

Everything has had a bit of a wild theme throughout June thanks to the Wildlife Trusts Campaign – 30 Days Wild.  You catch up on my wild adventures over on Stephanelli’s Wild Adventures.  This is also the reason I’ve not blogged here, because I’ve been busy blogging daily for 30 Days Wild!


I’ve knitted two seashells recently.  One of them was made as a coaster from my first handspun cotton yarn.  The second is made from Women’s Institute Soft and Silky.

Pattern: Seashell Coasters
Needle size: Cotton – 6.5mm; Women’s Institute Soft and Silky – 3.25mm


Next I’ve made some cute little chicks – using crochet.  I was planning to use these for cards or as swaps when geocaching.  They’re also made from Women’s Institute Soft and Silky.

Pattern: Bird Pattern – Little Chicks
Hook size: 3.75mm


I love starfish – so I made this little crochet starfish from Women’s Institute Soft and Silky.  I love all these quick makes!

Pattern: Crochet Sea Star
Hook size: 3.75mm


I was flicking through patterns on Ravelry and came across this crochet pattern and just had to make it!  This little creature has been affectionately put on the end of recorder.  It brings entertainment to the odd gig and rehearsal!  Again made in Women’s Institute Soft and Silky.

Pattern: Baby Jellyfish
Hook size: 3.75mm

Owl Cables

I’ve also learnt to knit cables this month (hurrah!).  I thought this was a great achievement!  My first practise run was to cable a tiny little owl sampler (yep you guessed the yarn…) in Women’s Institute Soft and Silky.  I decided that this was so cute, that I designed and made myself a phone sock using the cable pattern.  It has a ribbed section at the top to help the phone stay in, it only just fits the phone though – I didn’t take the seams into account!

Pattern: Both used the centre motif from Owl Washcloth
Needle Size: 3.25mm


This has to be my favourite make from the month.  I knitted my friend an adorable little shrimp!  I still haven’t given it to her, but I thoroughly enjoyed making it!  It was made from Patons Washed Cotton DK.  And yes, it does indeed have a hat – a beret to be precise.  We had this thing about shrimps with berets.

Pattern: LaPrawnda The Shrimp
Needle Size: 3.00mm (double pointed needles)
Hook size (for crochet beret): 3.75mm


The rest of family are avid fishermen.  So it only seemed appropiate to make my Dad a card with a crochet fish on it for Fathers’ Day.  Made with Patons Washed Cotton DK.

Pattern: Fish Mobile
Hook size: 3.75mm


Finally, my Dad’s birthday is soon after Fathers’ Day so I decided to use a pattern I’d found for a cat bookmark and shorten the tail, add some front legs and a fish.  I think its very cute, as did the pattern owner on Ravelry!

Pattern: Cat Bookmark and Fish Appliques
Hook size: 4.00mm

Current Projects

I’ve got several projects on the go at the moment, although I won’t share photos yet!  You can find more details on ravelry – I’m Stephanelli on there – feel free to friend me if you so desire!  For those that aren’t, the things I’ve got on the needles/hooks/looms are:

  • a woven scarf (yes, its still on the straw loom!)
  • a multipattern knit and purl scarf (on my nicest set of needles…)
  • granny square blanket (its getting there, slowly – crochet project)
  • a crochet cape (its gonna be awesome!)
  • knitted toe up socks (still on the first sock, its growing slowly)

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    1. There are many great tutorials out there – youtube is definitely your friend if you like watching someone else teaching you. I used a book – “The Needlecraft Book” by Maggi Gordon, Sally Harding and Ellie Vance – its got great pictures and explanations!

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