Ramie Yarn

If you were reading my blog back in May, you might remember a post about my adventures in learning to spin.  In that post I had spun and finished a cotton yarn, and had also spun a ramie yarn and had just left it on the drop spindle.

Well, today I finally got round to making up a PVC piping niddy noddy (you’ll see it in the photos!) and finishing off my ramie yarn.  I’ll tell you quickly about how I made my niddy noddy, and then a little bit about my yarn!

PVC Piping Niddy Noddy

My wonderful partner went to a DIY store and brought me:

  • 1m PVC piping that is 15mm in thickness
  • 2 tee-joints (to fit pipes of 15mm)

This cost around £10 (significantly than most of the nice wooden ones I’ve found on Etsy).

To make it up, my wonderful partner cut the pipe into 4 sections that were 17cm long and 1 section that was 32cm long.  The tee joints were put at the end of the long section, and the small sections were put into the other parts of the tee joint to make an I shape.

You can see some photos shortly after we’ve discussed my yarn!

Handspun Ramie Yarn

With the completion of my niddy noddy, it was time to get that ramie off the spindle and finished off!  To do this, first I held one end of the ramie yarn against the centre of the niddy noddy and then just wound it onto one side (this is because I only had a little amount of yarn!).  I then filled my bathtub up with hot water and let the yarn soak (on the niddy noddy) for about 20 minutes.  I then got it out and squeezed the water out gently and now have left it hanging up to dry!  Once its dry, I’ll find out how much I made and then I’ll either turn it into a small hank of yarn or wind it up into a ball (depending on whether I’ve decided what to use it for!).

Have some photos!

PS: I’m also now on Instagram where you can keep track of my creative and photographic activities!


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