Spinning With Bamboo

This year has seen me learning to spin with some interesting fibres – cotton and ramie.  This weekend was the turn of bamboo fibre!  I brought all these fibres on Etsy from Wool Finch Studio.

Here is my 50g pile of fluffy bamboo fibres – all ready and waiting to be tamed!

First up, like when I’ve done all my other yarns, I split the roving up into sections that contained as much fibre as I wanted and into more manageable lengths.  Then I grabbed the drop spinde and spent some time twirling and spinning and generally relaxing.  All of a sudden I found I’d finished all the fibre and I’d amassed a fair amount of yarn in the process!

Next I grabbed my niddy noddy and transferred my yarn onto it.  When I get some more fibre and make my next yarn I’m going to try plying – that would require me to keep my yarn as a cone!  Anyway, the yarn made it onto the niddy noddy:

Next I soaked it in the bath tub while it was still on the niddy noddy to set the twist into the yarn.  Then it was just a case of hanging it up to dry – I nearly have some yarn:

Finally, a while later, my yarn is dry and ready for using!  I have 50g or about 18.5m of 100% bamboo yarn all handspun my myself!  I’m very proud of myself.  I wound it up into a neat, twirled skein.  Now to find a suitable pattern…


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