Colourful Yarns

This week I’ve been doing some more spinning – and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!

The focus was all about colour!  I ordered some fibre from Hilltop Cloud – which I can thoroughly recommend!  I ordered a rainbow coloured silk brick.  I received this and also a small sample of Yule from her Ceilidh Collection:

I’ll start off by talking about what I did with the green fibre and then get into the knitty gritty of the rainbow!

So the green fibre is an interesting blend of fibres: 45% Merino, 25% Bluefaced Leicester, 12.5% Shetland, 12.5% Soya Silk and 5% Angelina (sparkle!).  It was so nice to work with – unfortunately I have an animal allergy (which turns out to be fine with silk!) but I’ve worked out that if I can find/make some thin gloves I should be fine to spin with animal fibres!

I simply spun the green fibre into a fairly fat single of yarn, then I plyed it with some Patons Washed Cotton DK in Jade Green (just because…experimental spinning!).  I love the result I got:

I got a whole 3m of yarn!  Not sure what I’m making with it yet!  (For those interested, to set the twist, I soaked it in warm water for around 15mins and then let it hang dry with a clothes hanger to tension it a little bit).

Now, onto the exciting yarn!  I’d set my heart on making a fractal yarn.  So fractal yarn I was going to make.  Many readers of my blog will now be going “what’s one of those?”  A fractal yarn is a multi-coloured yarn where on one ply the colour changes slowly whereas on the other ply it changes a lot faster.  This diagram should help:


Imagine twirling the first ply and one of the second plies together, and there you have it, a fractal yarn!  When doing my yarn, I used the second option of the plying – reversing the colour order for the second ply.

To do this, I split the silk into two equal halves so that there was a rainbow on each half (split by weight).  One half, I split into even thinner sections – these I’ll spin end to end to create the second ply.  The other half I split into sections of each colour – I’ll use this to make the first ply!  The important thing is to make sure I spin each single ply in the same way (clockwise for me) so that when I ply them them, I can ply them in the opposite direction to create a balanced yarn and neither should unravel!  Here’s my silk all split up and ready to spin, the large bits in the middle are for the first ply – there is a little bit of colour overlaps at the ends, but I decided that that would add to the final yarn – and at the top you can see the thin parts for the second ply curled up into little balls:

This is the point where photos cease – imagine me sat in my living spinning together all this fibre.  Several hours later, I’m finished!  I took some photos and then set the yarn to soak in warm water for a short amount of time to set the twist – had a small panic here because some of the blue dye leaked – but it all turned out fine and hadn’t run into any of the other colours.  I wrun as much of the water out as possible and hung it up to dry with a clothes hanger to add a little weight to the yarn to pull out the small amount of twist left in the skein!  There is about 13m of yarn here!

And there you have it!  What is probably my most colourful project complete!  What can you see this yarn being made into?


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