Ready For Cold Weather

What with September arriving and Autumn officially starting I decided that now would be a great time for some hat making!  I love the cold months of the year – because it means I can wear more of my knitted items!

This week I’ve actually made 3 hats – an crochet lace autumn hat, a warm thick beanie hat for me and also a warm thick beanie hat for a Christmas present!

Fallen Leaves Beanie Hat

So this is my crochet lace hat.  It uses a wonderful pattern called Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat by Tamara Kelly.  The yarn I used is Wendy Dolce which I picked up in a charity shop as part of a bag of Wendy yarns – my friend wanted the Wendy Donna but didn’t want the Dolce so I brought it off her!  It was a lovely pattern, tricky in places and I discovered that frogging fuzzy yarn is a very bad idea!!

Big Fish Hat

This hat is a Christmas present for an avid fisherman!  The pattern is Big Fish by Alex Arnott.  I adapted the pattern slightly and you can see all the details on my Ravelry project page.  The yarn I’ve used is Lion Brand USA Hometown in the colours Oakland Black, Green Bay and Charlotte Blue.  This was my first proper attempt at Fair Isle colour work knitting, and I think you’ll agree it’s gone rather well!

Handspun Scraps Hat

This hat is going to be my winter hat this year because its warm and thick and cosy!  I made it to showcase a couple of my recent handspinning adventures.  I based the pattern on that used for the Big Fish Hat (in terms of sizing the hat)!  The commericial yarns I’ve used are Lion Brand USA Hometown in Oakland Black and Hayfield Ripple in Blueberry.  The handspun yarns I’ve used are Silky Rainbow Fractal and Hilly Green – both spun for fibre sourced from Hilltop Cloud.  This makes it a very interesting mix of fibres – Mulberry Silk (Rainbow Fractal), Merino (Hilly Green), Blue-faced Leicester (Hilly Green), Shetland (Hilly Green), Soya Silk (Hilly Green), Angelina Sparkle (Hilly Green), Acrylic (Lion Brand Hometown USA and Hayfield Ripple) and Polyester (Hayfield Ripple).  All in all a bit of mix and match hat!  For those of you wondering about my wool allergy, the Hilly Green yarn contributes just a single row up near the top of my head where its unlikely to get through my hair to my skin – so allergy wise its alright!

You can see all my notes on the pattern and yarns on my Ravelry project page.

That’s all for now – I’m ready for Winter – bring on the cold weather!

I’ve also recently completed a wonderful new sewing project to tell you about – I won’t tell you what it is, but it started off it’s life as a flat bed sheet – that’s to come next week!

Have a good weekend 🙂



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