Winter Warmers

Here in my part of the world, it suddenly seems to have got colder!  It seemed a good idea to see if I could use up some of my yarn stash to make something warm and cosy for myself.

I didn’t have massive amounts of the yarn in question left, but there was enough to make two earwarmers!  Before we get onto the earwarmers, the yarn is Lion Brand Hometown USA in Charlotte Blue and Green Bay.  I made both of these on 10mm needles.

Ice Princess

I made this one first using the blue yarn and a beautiful pattern I found on Ravelry called Winter Morning which can be found on the While They Play Blog.  It was such a lovely pattern!  This pattern called for a provisional cast on and then Kitchener stitch at the end to join it together.  Its the first time I’ve used the Kitchener method and I got the hang of it just pulled it too tight on this one!

Elven Forest

What with the first one so lovely I decided that a second one, this time in green, would definitely be worthwhile.  For this, I used the basic formula of the Winter Morning Earwarmer to make it my own with a different cable pattern and smaller edges.  Given enough interest I’ll post the pattern I used for this (comment if you’d be interested in the pattern!).  After lessons learnt on the Kitchener stitch on the first earwarmer, it went much better this time!  And doesn’t it just make you think of forests and elves?

That’s all from me for now, I’m looking forward to wearing these out and about and keeping my ears toasty and warm!


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