A Year Of Blogging

Its quite scary really.  I’ve been writing this blog for a year now!  Its been a fantastic year though and I’ve learnt a lot of new skills, opened an Etsy Shop (go check it out!) and published a few free designs in my Ravelry store (go check them out too!).

Update (30th Nov 2015): For various reasons, my Etsy shop is currently closed for the foreseeable future but I am taking commissions so please do contact me.

Project Highlights

I’ve completed a number of projects this year, some blogged, some not, mostly sewing, knitting or crochet and spinning.  I have two particular highlights from my sewing projects, firstly the kilt and secondly the cloak.  These were both tricky, time consuming but very enjoyable projects!

This year has also seen me uncover my knitting needles and also to learn the art of crochet.  I now do a lot of both these crafts and am rarely found without one or both!  My favourite knitting project for the year has to be the adorable shrimp while my favourite crochet project for the year is probably a cat decoration for a birthday card!

My best new skill for the year has to be learning to spin on a drop spindle.  This has been incredibly satisfying and has given me a much greater understanding of difference fibres.  My spinning has progressed in leaps and bounds from this cotton yarn (knitted into a seashell)…

…to this mulberry silk rainbow fractal yarn (knitted into part of a hat)!

Finally, I’ve also been working on improving my photography skills.  Like all my skills this is still very much a work in progress and the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that natural light is the best thing for taking photos of sewing or knitting!  I’ve so far been mainly concentrating on nature photos in photography and in May 2015 I decided to move this onto its own separate blog, so you can follow my progress there!

So I think you’ll agree that I’ve certainly had a productive year in terms of learning new skills and revising those I had already!

Interesting Stats

Just a bit of fun to see what I’ve managed this year and give some insight into things to work on for the next year!

Number Of Blog Posts: 42
Where People Have Viewed My Blog From: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA

Number Of…
…Sewing Projects Completed: 21
…Knits Completed: 28
…Knitting WIPs: 3
…Crochets Completed: 39
…Crochet WIPs: 2
…Completed Projects Using Both Knitting and Crochet Completed: 3
…WIPs Using Both Knitting and Crochet: 2
…Weaving WIPs: 1
…Spinning Projects Completed: 5

Total Projects Completed This Blogging Year: 96
Total WIPs From This Blogging Year: 8

Estimated Length Of Fabric Used This Year: 75 m (a conservative estimate)
Estimated Length of Yarn Used This Year: 3.5 km
Length of Yarn Spun This Year: 60.2 m (I actually measured this)

Goals For The Next Year

When I started this blog, I didn’t really have any goals in mind other than to blog and showcase what I make.  So in the spirit of trying to improve, I’m going to set some goals that I’d like to try and achieve by this time next year.  Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way, so we’ll see what comes of this, but these are my goals for the next year of blogging and creating:

  1. To blog more regularly, rather than sporadically throughout the year
  2. To continue to improve on my photography skills for photographing crafts
  3. To have less WIPs this time next year
  4. To use up more stash
  5. To spend more time interacting with other bloggers

So I think that just about concludes my summary of my first year as a blogger.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the year to come!


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