On The Needles…

Its been such a long time since I posted anything on here (not doing very well at my regular posting thing here…), so I thought I’d share with you a very special project that I’m working on at the moment.

I’m using an absolutely gorgeous pattern by Gisela Beyer from Ravelry.  The pattern is called Papyrifera.  It calls for lace weight (2 ply) yarn that is 70% mohair and 30% silk (Madil Yarns, Kid Seta if you’re interested).  Unfortunately I’m heavily allergic to mohair but have a strange love of cotton yarns…so I thought, why not, lets give it go in a light weight cotton.  I looked through some other projects, and decided I’d try it in a 4-ply yarn, partly because it was easy to get hold of some in the right colour, partly because I wanted it to be a little heavier weight.  So as a result, I’m knitting this in Patons 100% Cotton 4-ply, on a 3.75mm circular needle.

I have already made one mistake on a row due to a chart reading error – this is first time I’ve done a project entirely from a chart, I’m not used to this! – but it looks fine as its early on in the leaf pattern (I accidentally did some K2Togs rather than SSKs…or potentially the other way round, just means the leaves have a slightly odd outline in that row, not that I can find it currently…I realised at the end of the row, and figured that it didn’t really matter – it’d make it unique and its so delicate and all the same that no-one would notice…right?)

So, enough words, just a couple of pictures so you can see how its progressing so far – I am so in love with this pattern!



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