On The Needles…

Last week I told you about my complicated project that I’m knitting for myself – a beautiful shawl.  This week, I’ve been concentrating on a much simpler project I was asked to make, although much more colourful!

Try have a guess before I tell you, I’ll even give you some decidedly unhelpful photos!

Its got the colours black, red, green and yellow.  I’m making it on a circular needle and it has a ribbed section and lots and lots of rows of plain stocking stitch.  But no, I don’t have to turn a heel.  Some unhelpful pictures:

Have you had a guess?  Why not comment me your guesses?

To relieve you of not knowing, I’m making a rasta hat!  My Dad works with a person who apparently has waist length dreadlocks that he isn’t allowed to have out at work, so Dad thought I might be able to knit him a rasta hat.  So here I am.  Knitting a rasta hat.

I’m working with Hayfield Bonus DK acrylic yarn and a 4.5mm circular needle.  The pattern is based off the start of the Island Cool Hat I found on Ravelry, but then I’ve continued increasing every 4 rows for a bit to allow for lots of dreadlocks.  The hardest part of this hat is that I’ve never met the person who I’m making for nor seen a picture so I’ve no idea if he has a big head, a little head, lots of tiny, thin dreadlocks, lots of big dreadlocks…so I’m hopefully erring on the side of too large.  I’m not finding this the most interesting project to knit, I prefer slightly more complicated patterns, but it did mean that I yesterday I knitted away while reading on my kindle and later watching some tv programmes on iplayer.  So its growing, slowly but surely.  I’m hoping to get it finished by Saturday when I next see my Dad so he can give it to him to give to his friend.

One final photo and I’ll leave you in peace for another week – the hat so far!
PS: You can now find me on my facebook page or on twitter where there’ll be links to blog posts from my three blogs (this one, the nature and photography one and the music one) and random updates on what I’m up to related to my blogs



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