Fluid Ice

I’m quite excited to share today’s post with you!  Since June 2015 I’ve been working on a beautiful shawl.  It was originally going to be a cape, but due to finishing the yarn and deciding that its a perfect size for me, its turned into a shawl instead.

The Story Behind The Shawl
I started off following a simple shawl pattern based on the classic granny square look.  I got a bit fed up with this, so I restarted and made it simpler and quicker while still retaining the granny square look.  After August I got fed up with it so it got put in the hibernation pile and this last week I picked it up again.  Originally, it was going to be the same pattern all the way through, but I realised it was going to take so long to complete, so I figured out a beautiful yet really simple lace pattern to use instead.  Finally, I raided my stash for a contrasting colour yarn and added a very simple one row border.

The Inspiration Behind The Name
Fluid Ice.
What image does that give you?
For me, its pale blues and lilacs, changeable, surprising yet gentle, flowing and soft.  That’s what this shawl seemed like to me so it seemed the perfect name!

The Pattern
The pattern is available on Ravelry and I’d be delighted if you decided to crochet one!  You can use any yarn with an appropriate hook (and one slightly larger for lacier stitches).
It uses just two basic stitches (UK chain and UK treble stitches) so is really simple.

No blog post would be complete without a selection of photos – I present to you Fluid Ice!

Fluid Ice Shawl
Close Up
Wearing it normally!
Folded Layers
A blue ghost?
Enjoying the warmth



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