Mouse Toys

So, I haven’t posted here for rather a long time.  Yeah, sorry about that…however, today I wanted to share the first in a series of posts about some of the things I’ve been making recently.  You see, we got a pet mouse not so long ago…and a loved pet clearly needs some things making for him.  The mouse is called Colin and he is adoreable.  Here’s a bonus cute photo of him:


I’ve made a variety of toys for my mouse, but for today, I wanted to share the most recent two, because I can currently get a nice photo of them without disturbing Colin!

First up, a cute little snuggle pouch.  He loves hiding in my hoodie pocket and running up shirts and generally hiding away, so I made him a snuggle pouch which is felt on the outside and fleece on the inside.  The thread I used is a transparent nylon because that’s safe for little mice!


Finally, I also made him a fake friend!  This is basically a mouse shaped felt toy, again sewn with transparent nylon thread.  As he is a male mouse, he can’t live with other male mice because they will fight viscously.  He also can’t live with females unless baby mice are wanted or he’s neutered.  I don’t particularly fancy having tiny little mice and the neutering operation should only be done in rare circumstances because its dangerous for such a small creature.  To counteract this, he gets lots of attention from us, and also a mouse sized friend to snuggle up to and play with!


As you can see below, Colin definitely approves!


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