Mouse Toys – The Second Installment

A better title for this post would probably be “How To Spoil Your Pet Mouse.”  But there we go, Colin is a well-loved little mouse.  Here’s today’s bonus mouse photo!


As well as the snuggle pouch and fake friend I made for Colin, I’ve been spoiling him with some more handmade toys.  The selection I’m going to show you today have all been made primary from lolly sticks stuck together with PVA glue.  This has been an interesting experience, and I thank my mum for the years of giving me experience in junk modelling and crafts – it’s coming in handy to spoil Colin with lots of toys!

They’re intended for him to climb and chew on as none of the materials are toxic to mice.  In some instances a large amount of bulldog clips were used to hold the sticks together while they dried.  I’ve also learnt the best ways to make climbable platforms and ladders and that the best way to make lolly sticks stay together is to use the largest surface of stick possible – and hope the sticks are flat (and not slightly bent like some of mine are – hence the bulldog clips!)

This first one is a house with a ladder – the upstairs is a great place to hide treats!

Next is a small platform and ladder designed for putting food bowls on:


Another platform, this time without a ladder (I’ll place it near something he can use to climb up) and a little shorter for putting a saucer wheel on:


And finally, a seesaw!  He hasn’t played with this one yet, so I’m not sure what he’ll think of it!



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