A-Line Skirts

I apologise for such a long break!  My wildlife blog as been super busy with 30 Days Wild where I was blogging every day throughout June!  But today I have a sewing project to share with you.  This was actually super simple and can be started and finished in an afternoon!

So I made a couple of A-line skirts from a self-drafted pattern.  Well, in truth I actually just drew on the fabric…but I did spend a while doing some maths!

Measurements taken (in inches):

  • W = Waist circumference
  • H = Hip circumference (note this is actually the measurement largest part of the body under the waist, it might not actually be your hips)
  • WH = The distance between the first two measurements (measured down the side of the body)
  • SL = The length of the skirt wanted


  • A = (W + 3 inches)/4
  • B = (H + 3 inches)/4
  • L = SL + 2 inches

This gives you all the information to make your own simple a-line skirt pattern!  The 3 inches in lengths A and B are to allow for ease and 1/2 inch seam allowance.  The following picture shows you the pattern. To draw it, start with drawing a line for A, then measure a 90° right angle on the left hand side and draw line L.  At the bottom of L, draw a long line at right angles to it.  Next, measure WH and make a mark.  Then draw line B at a right angle to L.  To get the diagonal line, draw a line through the ends and continue it all the way down to the line you drew that was at right angles to L.

Two of these are cut, and the left hand side (length L) is cut on a fold.



I suspect that you could make an A-Line skirt in pretty much any material you fancied…but today, I used a fairly heavy cotton twill.  I wanted it to have a weight to it and also be warm.  The intention is that this skirt is one that I can learn to Morris dance in (so that I can Morris dance in my wedding dress…obviously!) and I also wanted it to be in an easy to sew fabric.  It has a little bit of stretch for extra comfort.


This is super easy to sew!  First, sew up the side seams (the long diagonal lines).  This is the point to insert a zip or other fastening in the seams, otherwise it might be tricky to get on!  The other thing you could do here is add pockets in the side seams.  I didn’t do pockets, but I did insert an invisible zip (which I’m super proud of!) at this point!  Try it on at this point…do whatever adjustments you need!

Second, either do a double fold hem for the waist, add a waistband (this is what I did), or finsh the waist line in whatever you’d like.  For my waistband, I cut a rectangle 3 inches wide and the circumference of my waist plus about 3 inches for an overlap for a hook and eye fastening.  I then attached it along the waistline in a visible bias binding kind of way!  I then added the hook and eye.  And tried it on again to check I liked it!

Finally, do a double fold hem at the bottom or whatever method of hemming you like best!  I also added extra lines of stitching for decoration (not that you’d actually bother to look at it if you weren’t scrutinising my sewing…but I thought it added a nice touch!)

Its very comfy and I can’t believe I’ve never made an A-line skirt before!  Even the more fitted ones involving darts look like they’d be easy enough to sew so I think I’m going to have to make more of these in a variety of lengths!

This post wouldn’t be right without some photos!  The photos aren’t brilliant sadly due to the colour of the skirts.  I haven’t worked out how to take good pictures of dark subjects!  The first skirt I made was a floor length A-line skirt.  It has a double hem, waistband and an invisible zip.

The second skirt was a knee length skirt.  It has a bias bind hem, a similar bias bind waistband (done with decorative ribbon) and a centred normal zip.


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