Autumnal Preparations

Wow…another long blogging break on Stephanelli Designs and all across my blogs sadly.  That feeling when life gets the better of you and you end up rushing around madly for a couple of months wondering where life is going and has taken you!  That’s how its been for me anyway.  I once again apologise for the break, but there we go…its in the past, hopefully you forgive me and we can continue where we left off!

Actually, the reason I haven’t been posting much here is because I haven’t been doing as much crafting.  Sure, I’ve been knitting and sewing on and off, but primarily I’ve been enjoying the nice weather and getting out in the garden and generally doing more things.  Obviously this leaves less time for crafting sadly – but just maybe I can address that balance by doing more crafting over winter when I have less motivation to go outside!

Since the weather has started turning autumnal I’ve noticed a certain change in my mindset.  I’m less about heading outside and more about spending more time in my craft room with my knitting and sewing.  I’ve been more interested in finding soft yarns and creative patterns.  The last few weeks I seem to be finding my knitting motivation perk up again after the summer of knitting my wedding shawl (its not finished yet, but I promise to share photos when it is!).

Today I thought I’d share my recent yarn stash additions with you and show you two of the projects I’ve already started and some plans for a couple of others!  The rest of this post is mapped out by yarn with details of what I want to use it for in the description.

Artesano 100% Superfine Alpaca – Colourways Boliva (Turquoise) and Chile (Red)

Actually, I’ve had these yarns for about a year now and they have always been intended for a hat.  And you know what?  I’ve finally started that hat!  I’m making the Caledonian Forest Hat which I found on Ravelry after deciding I wanted to do more with cables – because I recently discovered that cables aren’t nearly so bad as I thought.  This is as far as I’ve got…still got a long way to go…but its so amazingly soft!  I love alpaca wool!

Caledonian Forest Hat


Cygnet Boho Spirit – Colourway 6461

I found this yarn while I was on holiday in Yorkshire.  It came from a yarn shop in Pickering and I just fell in love with its colours and softness.  It’s single ply of approximately DK weight and I’m using it to knit a simple stocking stitch scarf for myself – just a nice soft, thin scarf that won’t take ages to complete.  The colours are absolutely gorgeous.

West Yorkshire Spinners Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) – Natural Ecru Colour

This yarn also came from my Yorkshire holiday, but from Saltburn.  I’ve always wanted to feel and knit with BFL and its softness didn’t disappoint me.  I’m hoping to use this to make a snuggly hot water bottle cover although I might pair it with another yarn if I don’t think I’ll have enough.


Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran – Colourways 5 (Red) and 2 (Light Blue)
Rowan Creative Linen – Colourway 644 (Pink)

I’ve put these two together because I’ve got them with the same purpose in mind.  I’ve recently discovered a love of hand knit (mostly) cotton washcloths and dishcloths.  I’ve also purchased two new books which have yet to arrive.  One book is a ‘dictionary’ of cable and aran stitches, the other of lace and eyelet stitches.  These yarns are to make some simple cloths using the new patterns I find.  Its a way of testing the patterns while also making something useful!

So…that’s it for my creative updates, I’m hoping to be able to have lots more things to show you soon, but stick with me and I promise I’ll try and be a better blogger!


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