Christmas Papercrafts

It’s been busy round here with Christmas preparations so I thought I would give you a couple quick and easy papercrafts to decorate your home that’s suitable for children to do too!  We’re going to be making paper garlands and paper snowflakes today!


You’ll need:

  • Paper (I’ve just used coloured A4)
  • Scissors
  • (Optional) Sellotape – depends how long you want your garlands to be!
  • (Optional) pencil to draw out design first



I used to love making these when I was little – I hope you enjoy making them too!

Step 1: Choose your colour and fold your A4 sheet in half lengthways and then open it out and cut along the fold so you have two strips.

Step 2: If you want to make a long chain, then I suggest cutting as many strips of paper as make it long enough for your purposes and sellotaping them together (securely!).  As mine are intended for my mouse to play with, I won’t be using making them very long!

Step 3: Fold the strip of paper in half.  Keep folding the paper in half until it is the size you want.  I only folded mine three times and its size after folding is about 3.5cm by 10.5cm.


Step 4: Draw out your design if you’d like to.  Remember that you have to have a join on the folds otherwise your chain will just fall apart (and that would be sad!).  I’ve only drawn half the design on most of them (and only a quarter of a snowflake!) because I’d like it to be approximately symmetrical!


Step 5: Now its time to cut out your designs!  (As you can see I didn’t cut out the middle holes on the snowflake as it was going to be too tricky!)


Step 6: Now unfold them and see what you created!


I thought this snowflake needed something extra, so I folded it back up again and did an extra cut:



I’m sure everyone spent some time as children making paper snowflakes – if you didn’t, then now is a perfect time to have a go!

You’ll want to start with a square of paper and then fold in half diagonally three times to make a triangle.  Then just slits in sides.  Make sure you don’t totally cut off a side otherwise it’ll always full apart!

Here are some examples of the cut triangle and what it turned into:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have made some nice things to decorate your home (or maybe your pets home – my mouse will be seeing some of these!)


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