Easy Table Decorations

Last weekend I hosted a wonderful dinner party at my home – the most people we’ve sat down to eat in our house!  I had an absolutely wonderful evening, and I hope my guests did too!  I wanted to share an easy way to brighten up your table in the winter using some greenery from your garden!  When I made these I wasn’t thinking about blogging so I forgot to take quite so many photos as normal!

You’ll need:

  • A vase – decide this first so you know how much green stuff to cut
  • Scissors or garden secateurs
  • Stones or pebbles – this is optional
  • String or ribbon – this is also optional

Once you’ve decided on your vase, decided if you want to put any stones or pebbles in the bottom, if so, go ahead and do that.  Don’t make the same mistake I did – wash them first, saves faff later on!  Add some water to your vase, obviously don’t fill all the way up to the top!

Then head out into your garden with your scissors or secateurs and find some nice bits of greenery.  I chose a small bit of holly, some rosemary (smells delightful!) and a small amount of another green plant that I can’t remember its name!  Anything that currently looks good will do!  Don’t chop your whole plant down otherwise you won’t keep your garden looking green!  If you want to use holly, remember its spiky (my second mistake).

Take your greenery back inside and wash each piece to get rid of any bugs.  Arrange the stems in your vase till you’re satisfied with how it looks.  Cut away leaves that will be in the water as necessary – much like flower arranging!

You can optionally use some string to weave or plait a decorative ribbon to tie around the vase, or just tie a ribbon!


If you’ve got any left over bits, or maybe you’ve got a nice pine-cone like I had, then just arrange some bits in a jam jar and put the lid on – no water required!  Sure it’ll die off quicker, but it saved me some waste!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have a good weekend and I’ll see you next week!


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