I am Cambridgeshire-based crafter in the UK with interests in sewing, needlework, card-making and other general craft activities!  You can see some examples of my work throughout this website, you’ll find I particularly like things with interesting colours and patterns!  To see my latest projects, have a look at my blog!


I have an interest in sewing clothes and other item of use (such as sewing machine covers, knitting rolls, anything useful really!).  I have been sewing by hand for a long time now, I started off sewing toys from kits when I was young.  In about 2012 or so, I learnt how to sew with a machine and used a borrowed mini-machine to make skirts.  In Nov 2014 I brought a new full-sized sewing machine and have since delved into sewing many different items including tops, trousers, skirts, cloaks and many other smaller items.

Cross Stitch

Although not featured very much on this site, I love to do cross-stitch and other decorative needlework.  I nearly always have a project on the go and will often use my cross-stitch for cards, particularly at Christmas time!

Card Making

I have always enjoyed making cards and with lots of people having birthdays every year, there’s no end of cards to make!  I tend to use card blanks, stamps, coloured pencils and pens for my basic cards and for special occasions and Christmas I will use a wide variety of materials from feathers to sequins to cotton wool and lolly sticks!  I have also used my cross stitching and crochet projects to create cards as well.

Yarn Crafts

In Apr 2015 I became more interested in knitting, crochet and weaving.  I prefer making small items as they take much less time to complete, but I have a longer project of each on the go currently.  You can check out my yarn crafts via my Ravelry project page!


I also very much enjoy photography and have started a 365 project for 2015.  Every so often I’ll blog about my photographic adventures but you can always have a look at my 365 project!

Other Interests

I have a few other craft pieces and pieces that I will occassionally do for one-off things, these will all be blogged when they happen!

Beyond crafts and making things I am a keen musician, playing with the Cambridge University Ceilidh Band (www.cucb.co.uk) on recorders and accordion mainly.  I am also a Morris dancer with Granta Blue Morris (www.grantabluemorris.co.uk) and ceilidh dancer whenever I get a chance!

If you are interested in something I’ve made or would like a special/custom order then please feel free to get in touch on the contact page!