DIY Waterproof Camera Case

So, for those of you who don’t know, I’m going to be one of the bloggers for The Wildlife Trusts’ Campaign – 30 Days Wild (you should all sign up), have a look at my photography blog if you’re interested!  As a result, I’m getting into practise and helping to give people some ideas of what they can do!  Yesterday it was raining here in Cambridgeshire.  So, in the aid of being wild, I decided to make a waterproof camera cover for my camera!

Here’s a picture of my camera, its a Sony HX-300 in case you’re wondering.


Materials Used:

  • 1 cylindrical squash bottle (1 litre size worked well for my camera!)
  • Some ziplock bags (I used 4 of the small snack size ones…I didn’t have any bigger ones, enough to cover the camera when opened out!)
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors

How I did it:

  1. Carefully cut the top and bottom off the squash bottle.  Be careful of the sharp edges at this point.  Cut it to be a bit bigger than the lens of the camera when fully extended to try and keep some of the rain off.
  2. Cover the sharp edges with a couple of layers of sellotape to avoid cutting yourself or scratching your camera.
  3. Get some ziplock bags, cut the closing part off and open up the sides so you have a sheet of plastic.  Stick enough of these together in such a way as to cover the sides, top, bottom and back of your camera.
  4. Put the squash bottle lens protector over the lens.  Put the plastic bag part around your camera, stick the plastic to the squash bottle to join it together.
  5. I left the other side open to allow me to take it on and off my camera easily.  Due to the way I can hold my camera, it is easy to just draw the extra material together and cover the camera when I hold it to take photos.
  6. Cut holds for the straps if you would like.

Some photos!


New Photography Blog


I have finally decided to set up a blog dedicated to photography.  I have done this because I am joining in the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild Challenge.

Its a great cause, you don’t have to pay anything!  All you have to do is commit to spending a little of your time with nature each day, something as simple as smelling a flower on your way to work, going for a walk in a field/park/churchyard in your lunchtime or something big like spending a whole day trying to find an elusive animal, its entirely up to you!

What are you waiting for?  Join now!

My new blog is Stephanelli’s Wild Adventures.

In aid of wildlife, look at my cute crochet butterfly!


Misty, Spring Walk

I love it when Spring starts arriving.  Today’s photography was made a little more challenging by the mist, but I’m pleased with the results.  Have a flick through my little gallery to see my local area, wildlife and signs of Spring.  Click on a photo to view it larger.

February’s Photography Challenge

So as I said in my last post, I’ve decided to diverge occasionally into my photography adventures!

For those who don’t know I’m currently doing a 365 project.  The rules are easy, 365 days, 365 photos.  Often you will take the photo that day and upload to the relevant day, but you can use filler shots, shots which aren’t taken that day but you want to use instead of any that you have (or haven’t) taken that day.  Its your project so its your rules.  There are quite a few 365 project websites out there, but the nicest and best I’ve found is  The community is really really friendly and always offers support, encouragement and they have weekly/monthly themes for when you’re stuck for inspiration.

Leading on from this, for February there was an alphabet theme!  There are a few ways of doing it.  The first is where you take a photo of something that looks like the letter of the alphabet.  The second is where you take a photo using a technique beginning with that letter.  The third way (and the one that I’ve done) is to take a photo of an object/mood/thing that begins with the letter.

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the Alphabet Challenge because it has encouraged to take photos of things I wouldn’t normally photograph and have fun doing it!

You can see all the pictures on my 365 project –

At the end I made a final mosaic of all the alphabet which you can see here (this isn’t the best quality version, so go to the above link to find one of a better quality!):


Finally, in March I’ve decided I’m going to do a Rainbow Month, because I love all sorts of bright colours and patterns so this will again encourage me to go out of my way to find new and different things to photograph!  Keep your eye out for a similar post at the end of March!