Updates, Updates, Updates…

During the last day I’ve been working on updating my Etsy shop and also setting up a Ravelry store so I just had to tell you about what’s new at Stephanelli Designs.  If you’re trundling round this site you can easily access my shops from the menu bar at the top of each page.  Each link will take you straight to my shop!

Website Updates

Not too long ago my site got a little makeover, and gradually the menu bar is gaining some exciting links.  The most exciting is the links to my Etsy and Ravelry shops.  In the Etsy shop you’ll find finished items ready and waiting to be sold.  In the Ravelry shop you can find my patterns for crochet projects.  Eventually this will extend to knit projects as well, but its still in its infancy!

Finally, the observant amongst you will have noticed a little twitter feed creep into the sidebar!  This is updated daily and has tweets from both Stephanelli Designs and Stephanelli’s Wild Adventures (my photography blog) and general updates on current photography and craft projects!  If you’re on twitter, follow me to see what’s going on!

Etsy Shop

I’ve got a number of items for sale in my Etsy Shop at the moment!  You should head over to it and have a look at them!

Items on sale includes:

  1. Knitted Tea Cosy – £10
  2. Flowery Skirts – £15 each
  3. Made to order fleece cloaks with satin lining – £45
  4. Made to order fleece cloaks with panne velvet lining – £50

The NEW items up for sale are some crochet badges inspired by the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Campaign.

Ravelry Shop

The other exciting thing I need to tell you that Stephanelli Designs now has a Ravelry Store!  In this store I’ll be selling my self-designed patterns.  There are currently two crochet patterns on offer for a mere 78p each!

The first is for the shamrock brooches that are on sale as finished objects in my Etsy store (the bottom two pictures in the photos above) and the second is for the flower brooches that are on sale in my Etsy store (the top two pictures).

It’s the first time I’ve written a pattern and if you do buy either of them, I’d really appreciate any feedback!  I’m planning to write another small pattern in the next week or so which I plan to put up for free – so keep a look out for it!


That’s all for this week, I’m at a Folk Festival this weekend so we’ll meet again next week!


Items For Sale!

I have updated my Etsy shop and have some more items to sell!

Pictures below, visit my shop here!