Watercolours 2

Following on my last post on watercolour painting, I seem to have become a little bit addicted.  I thought I’d share my latest paintings with you.

Firstly I did some abstracts to have a play with colour mixing and paint:water ratios.


Then I decided to take the abstract theme, and apply it to an animal, firstly a whale, secondly an elephant.  Credit for the idea goes to a YouTube video I saw the thumbnail for.


Then I wanted to relearn how to draw, so I followed some tutorial I found via pinterest to draw and paint a jellyfish, a hummingbird and a horse!


So this is todays mini-update.  Hope you enjoyed it!


Watercolour Paintings

A number of years ago, back when I was at secondary school, I was subject to the usual number of subjects to study.  One of my least favourite back then was Art.  Mostly because I was never very good at the mediums or styles that we were told to use.  However, there was one medium which I loved using, although sadly we never got to use it as much of it as I would have liked: watercolour paints.

I loved the ease of watercolour painting in itself but the challenge of working the layers on top of each other to create the desired effect.  Recently I picked up my paint brushes and gave it another shot and have been pleasantly surprised by the results, although some of my experiments have definitely not gone to plan!

So for your viewing pleasure, my attempts at relearning how to paint with watercolours!

First off, I decided to have a go at some simple flowers to see if I could remember the best ways to use watercolours for details.  I had mixed success, but some I’m very pleased with, such as the rose in the top left of the page, the stylised blue flower near the centre and the side on marigold in the bottom centre.  I was less pleased with my pansies, but it’s just a case of practice I think.

Practising Flowers, June 2017

Then I decided to try my hand at a fairly basic sunset.  I’m pleased with the sunset itself, the tropical island, sun and birds but I think next time I’ll have to practise my boats a little more first!

Tropical Sunset, June 2017

Then I went back to flora and feeling inspired by Pinterest, I set about attempting some watercolour cacti.  I am really very pleased with how these turned out!

Cactus Collection, June 2017

Then I felt like going a little more on the abstract side, so set about painting a wildflower meadow.  I am very proud of this one.  It came out almost exactly how it appeared in my mind!

Wildflower Meadow, June 2017

Then it was back to close up work on flowers, this time experimenting with layering colours.  I like this page, I think it would make a great pattern for a set of curtains!

Flowers, June 2017

This next painting started off as a practice of a pale background which I then decided to add a butterfly too.  I just kept adding details and shapes and was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out!

Golden Flight, June 2017

My final page to share with you is a mountain landscape.  This one was fun to make because I did it entirely in one colour using different ratios of water to paint for each layer.  This is definitely one of my favourite things about watercolours!

Mountain Landscape, June 2017

I hoped you enjoyed this tour into my painting attempts, I’m sure I’ll have some more to share with you at some point!  I hope the weather isn’t too hot for you like it is where I am and you enjoy your weekend!