Here is a collection of my self-composed tunes.  Some notes about the inspirations behind each tune are given below the player.


A New Hope – September 2013 – 64 Bar Waltz

The old, sad ways are coming to an end, a new hope is round the corner.

Coiling Cables By The Roadside – June 2015 – 32 Bar Jig

Imagine.  You’ve been at a May Ball Ceilidh gig.  You’ve played from 3-4am.  Now you have cables to coil because you had to leave in a hurry.  Its 4:30am.  The piano part in this is the background details – the road, the person in general and the time of day.  The melody is the cable and the hands that are coiling it.

Forever Now – June 2013 – 64 Bar Waltz

This tune goes with a song about a girl waiting for her love to return, and wondering if he even will return.  This tune embodies to me the words: “Will we dance forever now, forever now?”

Glittery Bubble Bath – May 2013 – 32 Bar Jig

I was given a bath bomb.  It turned out to be super glittery and made the bath all glittery.  I loved it, so a wrote a tune about it.

Jaws, Claws and Printed Paws – June 2015 – 32 Bar Reel

This tune was written after going animal tracking.  The first half of the tune represents the paw prints and hoof prints and the possible movements of the animals that caused them.  The second half of the tune represents the jaws and claws – the change to major is the finding of a little bird, but it is tinged with minor chords because a larger bird has come and attacked it and eaten it.  The second half also represents a caterpillar eating a leaf, it had two images in my head.

Multicoloured Jazz Menace – March 2015 – 48 Bar Hornpipe

Colourful, jazzy and difficult to play.  What more could you want from a tune?

Paul’s Hornpipe – April 2013 – 32 Bar Hornpipe

Written for Paul.  A silly, bouncy, lively Morris dancer.

Savages – March 2014 – 2x 32 Bar Thingys In 2/4 (They aren’t polkas)

Chasing people around via email while President of Cambridge University Ceilidh Band gave me the nickname of Savage between the Secretaries and I.  This tune puts that into music.  The first part is entitled “Hulawoka”, the second “Tribal Dance”.

Sheep In The Bed – May 2013 – 32 Bar Jig

The pleasures of a large, soft, cuddly sheep.

Spooky Clogs – October 2014 – 48 Bar Jig

Imagine a journey through a spooky and empty haunted house at night time with a full moon.  Deathly silence is all around apart from the noise of your shoes and the creaking of the house.

Thunder Clap and Lightning Strike – June 2015 – 32 Bar Reel

Envisioning the music behind a thunderstorm, coming, reaching its climax and going away again (all within 32 bars)!

Twiddles – June 2015 – 32 Bar Reel

Twiddles, written for a whistle, for those with nimble fingers!

Twirling Around  – May 2013 – 32 Bar Waltz

A waltz for someone who loves to twirl around.  That is what you have to imagine.

Wild Winds – June 2015 – 32 Bar Thingy in 5/8

Capturing the unpredictable, gusty, rushing nature of the wind in a tune.